Code Of Conduct

Parents & Guardians

Gymnastics is an all-round sport and one that is both physically and mentally tough. Through our classes your child will gain and develop many skills and qualities. They will develop core / fine motor skills such as listening and taking instruction, they will understand limits and discipline, talking and communicating with peers and coaches as well as gaining physical strength, agility, endurance and co-ordination, to name a few. They will learn to commit, and we hope you can encourage and support our gymnasts alongside the coaching staff.

We strive to deliver high quality classes set to a high standard. We hope you will be patient with your gymnasts and understand this is a process which they have to learn & develop
Pro-Star Gymnastics Academy believe it is important for all coaches, parents / guardians and gymnasts associated with the club to show respect and understanding for the safety and welfare for others at all times. Accordingly, the expectations for behaviour of coaches, parents / guardians and gymnasts are outlined in this Pro-Star Code of Conduct - Parents / Guardians.

To maximise safety and high customer satisfaction, Pro-Star Parents and Guardians are expected to adhere to the following:

Dress Code - Adults are expected to wear appropriate clothing at all times for an environment where young people congregate.
Timekeeping - it is vital you arrive on time or at least 5 minutes before your scheduled class.
Wait patiently and quietly in the gym reception until your child is called into class by a member of staff. Remember this is a working area so gymnasts and parents must ensure respect is shown to employees of Pro Star Gymnastics by maintaining a quiet and orderly manner at all times.
In case of evacuation - follow the exit sign above the entrance.
All children’s shoes and belongings must be left neatly in the designated area in reception area. NB. Pro-Star gymnastics does not take responsibility for any lost items.
Please understand we work on a drop off and pick up policy, as you know we are limited on space so unfortunately it is just not possible for parents to stay.
Be respectful to other customers and staff at all times.
Respect and accept staff's judgements.
Report any housekeeping issues immediately to avoid accidents.
First Aid will be available from reception.
In the event of any incidents or accidents in the gym, you must sign your incident report before leaving the building. A coach will provide you with this on pick up.
Please do not try to coach your child. Be their cheerleader from the sidelines. This may present a safety risk as there is also a lot of room for error and the risk of bad habits. Our coaches are highly qualified, and it is important that you accept and understand judgements.
Use appropriate language at all times.
We have only one bathroom facility within the gym. This is for those participating in our classes. If you have an emergency, please speak to a member of staff.
In line with our Safeguarding policies and in order to protect all children there is to be No recording or photography of your child or any other child. This will be strictly enforced. If any person is found recording or photographing on their phones or other devices, they may be asked to leave the premises. You must seek permission from the Head Coach and sign into our Photography Log.
Report to the Head Coach any concerns about Pro-Star Gymnastics classes as soon as possible so they can be dealt with swiftly and effectively.
More serious concerns e.g. poor practice, bullying, unfairness, discrimination etc should alternatively be reported in confidence to the Welfare Officer Suzy Scase on: [email protected].

We would ask if there is ever a problem or any matter you wish to discuss please book a face to face meeting with either Nicki or Stephanie. You can do this from reception or you can e-mail us with any questions or queries on: [email protected].

Any breaches of this code should be brought to the attention of the Head Coach in the first instance. All breaches of this code will be investigated and may result in the appropriate disciplinary procedure being followed. If you have any concerns no matter how small please report these in confidence to our Welfare Officer, Suzy Scase, as listed above.

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