Code Of Conduct


Gymnastics is an all-round sport and one that is both physically and mentally tough. Through our classes your child will gain and develop many skills and qualities. They will develop core / fine motor skills such as listening and taking instruction, they will understand limits and discipline, talking and communicating with peers and coaches as well as gaining physical strength, agility, endurance and co-ordination, to name a few. They will learn to commit, and we hope you can encourage and support our gymnasts alongside the coaching staff.

At Pro-Star Gymnastics Academy, we strive to deliver high quality classes set to a high standard. We hope you will be patient with your gymnasts and understand this is a process which they have to learn and develop.
Pro-Star Gymnastics Academy believe it is important for all coaches, parentss / guardians and gymnasts associated with the club to show respect and understanding for the safety and welfare for others at all times. Accordingly, the expectations for behaviour of coaches, parentss / guardians and gymnasts are outlined in this Pro-Star Code of Conduct - Coaches.

Mentored and Monitored by the Class Manager and Head Coach by:

Developing and maintaining a high standard of practice.
Developing and maintaining good working relationships with gymnasts, parents and colleagues based on mutual respect, trust and equality.
Demonstrating good timekeeping skills and arriving at least 10 minutes before class to help with set up and review of lesson plan.
Displaying consistently high standards of behaviour - use appropriate language at all times.
Uniform must always be worn. Dress appropriately and look respectable.
No mobiles on the gym floor - with exception of Head Coach for training purposes only.
No eating/drinking inside the gym - a kitchen area is provided, please use it. Tea, coffee, and other condiments will be provided. Please inform us if something has run out.
Coaching within competence and within your coaching qualification. Please see Head Coach if you want to be personally mentored in any given area.
Respecting and accepting disciplinary policies and procedures and responding proportionately to the actions.
Informing the Head Coach promptly of any absences, holidays or sick days which may occur. We understand some things just can’t be changed and we will assess on an equitable case by case basis.
Updating and building your coaching career - coaching courses, complimentary courses ie. First Aid.
You must hold a current CRB check if aged 14+.

Consider the wellbeing and safety of all participants and themselves by...

Visually risk assessing any area of the facility in which you and your gymnasts come in contact with. Please ask if unsure.
Adapting and changing a lesson to suit the audience present.
Teach and practice safe handling when moving or lifting equipment.
Report faulty equipment immediately to Head Coach.
Checking gymnasts are dressed appropriately according to the Pro-Star Gymnastics Dress Code.
Adjusting equipment and set ups to suit the needs of the participant, ie. young / adult.
Approaching each skill in a progressive manner and teaching good technique.
Adopting good technique when supporting or spotting a gymnast - double support when needed.
Always conduct the class with enthusiasm and a positive attitude. Never let a child leave your lesson wishing you could have done it better.
Begin each class with a game / warm up to music and stretch - follow the lesson plan set and change it weekly. Finish the class with a cool-down and light stretch.
Avoid being alone with one gymnast.
Reporting all suspected incidences of abuse, discrimination and bullying to the Welfare Officer: [email protected].

Maximise Learning by...

Planning enjoyable and effective classes which build on the participant's prior experience.
Speaking clearly and using appropriate tone of voice to control the class.
Provide adequate instruction and adjust language accordingly.
Keeping gymnasts as active as possible throughout the class within the boundaries of safety.
Using the cool down as a positive way to reinforce aspects of the session.

Any breaches of this code should be brought to the attention of the Head Coach in the first instance. All breaches of this code will be investigated and may result in the appropriate disciplinary procedure being followed. If you have any concerns no matter how small please report these in confidence to our Welfare Officer, Suzy Scase, as listed above.

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